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Pikachu hot cakes! 

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A LAST NOTE FROM YOUR NARRATOR: I am haunted by humans.

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My fanart about Elsa in the style of the official art of ‘A Sister More Like Me’.

Full view here: http://tokio92.deviantart.com/art/The-Snow-Queen-421633777

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Most people can relate to either Anna or Elsa. Or even both. Anna is definitely a girl who loves to bond with her sister however throughout her childhood Elsa has shut her out. Of the Course, the movie focuses more on Anna than Elsa, which I don’t mind. But it would be cool if Disney actually focused a little more on Elsa. Don’t you want to know how Elsa spend most of her time in room? If she ever thought about her sister while she was in her room? How she deal with the crisis during her parents’ funeral? Or why she was the only one ‘cursed’ with the powers? Don’t you want to know? Having more screen time of Elsa would be great even adding some lyrics of her singing of “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” with Anna. If it did exist I think the lyrics should be:

Yes I want to build a snowman,

But I can’t control the curse,

I wish that I could go and play,

But please just go away,

Before you make it worse!

I am still your sister,

But I’m not your friend,

I wish I could tell you why!

Yes I want to build a snowman,

But I just can’t build a snowman…

Yes I want to build a snowman,

And run and jump and dance and play,

I can’t stand that you are all alone,

Stuck out there on your own,

I hope you’ll be okay,

I know just what you’re feeling,

You are not alone,

But I must conceal it all!

(conceal, don’t feel, conceal, don’t feel)

Is it true we’re by ourselves now?

Are our parents really gone?

It all seems so unreal to me

That they’d just up and leave

With only us to carry on

How will you survive here?

With no one to

Help me hold back this curse?

…yes, I want to build a snowman

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